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Owner FAQ

Home Owner Frequently Asked Questions

If I lease my fully furnished home would it be available for my family when it is not occupied?

Yes, it could be available. However, you must agree to consult with your property manager prior to making plans to verify that no arrangements have been made for the time frame.

What if I find a resident for my property? Do I still owe a management fee to Sun and Golf Destinations?

Yes, you still owe the management fee. Sun and Golf has contracted with you for a specific time to lease and manage. In many cases an outside source will have referred a resident. We still have the responsibility for the lease and management.

Can I choose to not allow pets or smokers to use my home?

We comply 100% with the Federal Fair Housing Act. This means you cannot deny anyone that is a member of a protected class under the act. You can however specify that you are not accepting any pets unless they are a service/assist animal. You also can specify that smoking is not allowed in the property.